New year, new voting


The voting system has been discussed for a long time. As we have told you some time ago, we’re working out for a new one responding to all your requests. And now we will present it to you! We’ve made a poll based on Zooppers’ seniority: there are going to be some standards that take in consideration on the participation to the community in order to set the seniority level. Therefore we are going to consider the number of videos, print ads, radio ads, concepts and comments for each Zoopper, in addition to the registration date. These elements will have a decreasing weight, that is to say videos weight more than print ads and so on up to comments. This set of factors lead each Zoopper to a score corresponding to a precise seniority level: you can vote with 20 stars at the higher level, 5 stars at the base level.

We have tried to develop a system that would not damage neither the new members, who participate actively, nor senior member, who contributed to build our community.

A new contest is going to start up the testing period, therefore the voting system for the current contests, Hasbro and Meetic, won’t suffer any change. It has seemed to be the best way to reward fidelity and participation of all you Zooppers, and we’re sure that you’ll collaborate, so that this new system is going to be successful.

Thank you,

Zooppa staff

Meme E

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