Nissan Versa Videos Vividly Visualized

All about alliteration and word fun with this contest! Nissan has come to Zooppa with a very special and very exciting video contest for the All-New Nissan Versa: Your Door to More!

First, get super crafty with the Versa Note asset kit and either print and cut out a 2-D model, or be EXTRA awesome and build your very own 3-D car model. Then, get out your phone and shoot a 6-second Vine video or a 15-second Instagram video about what you love, and include the car image. Finally, share your masterpiece on Twitter and/or Instagram using the #VersaVid tag.

That’s it! 3 easy steps that could get you a $1,000 Amazon gift card and a feature in a national TV commercial.

Here is the Zooppa Vine example of a #VersaVid:


The contest ends super soon on August 5th at 4pm PST so hurry up! To check out the contest, click here!

Jasmine Moore

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