“Old El Paso: The Crave Campaign” Awards Announced

After a terrific competition from a fantastic group of filmmakers and graphic artists, the awards for the Old El Paso contest are here at last! Check them out below. First, the videos:

1st Place Client Award/Best of Theme 1: Dinner With Rhythm by ark18

2nd Place Client Award: Prodigal Daughter by Slain

3rd Place Client Award/Best of Theme 2: We Are Mexican Night by zachdaulton

4th Place Client Award: It’s Not Mexican Without Old El Paso by nkproduction

5th Place Client Award: The Unexpected by watchingterry

6th Place Client Award: Real Cravings Never Wait by MarioElBautista

Now Here are the banners:

1st Place Client Award/Best of Theme 1: Have Fun With Mexican Food by tzulingliu

2nd Place Client Award: Be Creative by tzulingliu

3rd Place Client Award: Talking Tacos by whyitsme

Congrats to all! Now get those Siemens and Red Bull submissions in ASAP!

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