On Creating for Advertising | Guest post by Paul Uhlir from AdReady.com

I cut my teeth in the Internet world as a salesman for Go2Net. No, not Goatnet.com or Goto.com – Go2Net. We had a great management team in Russ Horowitz and John Keister. One lesson they taught me was that anyone in business can give 90%- it is very hard to give 100%. But putting out 100% every day is essential if you’re committed to thriving and to succeeding. At Go2Net it meant that I had to always deliver on my promises, never miss a deadline, never misspell a word in an email. I simply had to strive to out-work the other sales people out there.

I would extend this message for anyone who is seeking to make it in the creative world. It is not enough to be able to make the killer ad. I probably don’t need to tell you this, but you could close your eyes and  throw a rock in downtown Seattle and probably hit three designers who can make eye-catching, conversion-driving ads. I have hired many myself when I ran my own agency, Don’t Blink Media, and for my networking event www.nwiag.com.

As a person looking to make it in the creative world, you need to think beyond eye-catching visuals. You need to fully understand the goals of the client. This goes beyond sticking to brand and using appropriate messaging. You need to know exactly what response the client wants your art to achieve.

As a hiring manager, if a creative person ever asked me “what CPA are you looking to achieve with these ads”, I would hire them right then and there and probably buy them a beer as well.

It is a competitive world you have entered. Give yourself an edge up by thinking both as an artist and a business person. Give 100%.

Paul Uhlir is an 11-year veteran of the internet advertising industry. Paul is the Director of Account Management at AdReady.com, founder of the Northwest Internet Advertising Group, and creator of the hearingaids1000 website

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