On Your Right You’ll see Amazon Studios Where Your Career Could Take Off

You guys know that web site Amazon.com right? The place where you buy, sell, buy, sell and buy and sell? That seems to be all Amazon does, right? Well I hate to shatter your mind but the company is reaching out to film makers and script writers who have the talent and the drive to make the next great movie with Amazon Studio’s new film and script contest.

Am I saying they’re going to give you a job at a writers table and a seat in the director’s chair, no I am not. I am saying Amazon.com is giving out $150,000.00 in awards? You bet I am! The areas of competition are in fields of test movies, dialogue tracks, scripts, and comedy scripts.

So there are a few fields you can enter. Test Movies are short films that show case a full story with decent effects combined with good actors and good dialogue. Also a sit down read with your cast with scripts that have amazing dialogue and good descriptions of what is going on can also count. The first prize winners for the Test Movies get $100,000 dollars. Writers don’t let your hearts be troubled for they also have script writing competitions with a decent amount of change.

So we also have in this contest dialogue track awards. What is a dialogue track? Well a dialogue track is reading a piece of dialogue and adding into it screams, heavy breathing or anything else that the script might imply. The first prize for this is, oh just $10,000.00. You might be able to buy some moon pies or blow it all on a fancy record player.

The best script and best comedy script are both worth $20,000 dollars. In this contest you can submit and resubmit your scripts to Amazon Studios. You can collaborate with other script writers and submit a whole new script if you want. If you know people who’re entering this contest and want to help well you can.

Amazon studios also has forums to let the public vote on who’s film, script or dialogue track is the best on the web. So go check it for yourself. If you know a great film maker, dialogue track reader or script writer let them know about amazon studios and help them launch their career.

Oh and Amazon Studios has a first look deal with Warner Brothers. The WB has a first crack at green-lighting the best Amazon Studio projects.

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