One Week Left for Living in 4G LTE


I hope you’re all watching the videos roll in for Field Testers and Wholly Guacamole. We’re really excited about the quality of videos coming in. We’re really enjoying the high school crowd coming out to participate as well! Just make sure you have the rights/license to the music, fellas!
Verizon Video Contest
Now to the topic at hand. We’re looking for videos that tell a story. It can be any story. The examples that Verizon provided are as follows:

-Music-A guy is with a really hot girl at a nice restaurant. She tells him that nothing gets her hotter than Hall and Oates. She goes to the bathroom, and our guy immediately downloads their greatest hits. When she returns, he’s playing it from the speakerphone on his device. She attacks him (kind of like an Axe spot).
-Photos-Share the new baby with family when the baby is just seconds old.
-Movies-Stuck in a doctor’s office or airport and need instant entertainment for yourself or kids.
-Gaming- playing a game over the web on the VZW 4G LTE network at speeds rivaling desktop play.
-Popular food blogger- post restaurant reviews before you get the bill.
-Life Event- Proposal over Skype to girlfriend in another country

So we’re looking for stories about people and how the fast 4G LTE network makes their life easier, cooler, more productive etc.

Contest closes at 4pm Pacific time, August 5, 2011.

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