Other Video Contests and Networks You Can Join

“Because Independent Doesn’t Mean Working Alone”

My favorite part about the Cape Fear Independent Film Network (CFIFN) is the slogan. As a marketer and former filmmaker I immediately see the need and fulfillment of that need in the CFIFN. When I was an amateur filmmaker I relied on my friends and roommates to be my gaffers, boom mic operators, extras and sometimes even actors.

Founded in 2001, the CFIFN is currently celebrating its 10th year as a non-profit in the state of North Carolina. Today marks the last day that you can enter this festival however there are many others you can enter throughout the year.

We here at Zooppa encourage you all to enter as many film festivals as possible with your original works. Many directors get their start from entering many film fests. You have to get your name and movies out to as wide an audience as possible. Spike Lee started off as being the first student to be showcased in New York’s New Director’s Film Festival in 1983. Here’s alist of most of the film festivals in North America.

And for those that can totally take the bull by the horns check out How to Start Your Own Film Festival on eHow.

Creating a community of filmmakers that help one another sounds like a novel idea, doesn’t it? Well there are many out there. I would recommend checking out Cinefile first. It’s a free resource for independent filmmakers.

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