Oxydo: social advertising on Zooppa.com

Until the 6th of November, Oxydo is the star of the new campaign on www.zooppa.com.
From last spring, Zooppa is an innovative virtual platform which offers the companies on line place for advertising campaigns, based on the user generated model.

Oxydo has launched, through Zooppa, its first on line contest dedicated to all creative people and advertising fans. These are invited to join the contest for the new positioning of the brand. From the 27th of September to the 6th of November, the Internet users can compete by posting videos, print ads, storyboards or concepts for the new Oxydo communication.

At the end of the contest, Zooppers’ community, how the Zooppa registered users are called, chooses the winners, by voting the best works, according to the social advertising model.

After having hosted different important brands – such as, for example, Citroën, Pago, Fineco, Rai – it is clear that Zooppa is a great instrument of unconventional advertising for the companies that trust in the Web 2.0 ways of communication. These are the same companies that are willing to involve their own consumers in this new way of advertising.

Jasmine Moore

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