‘Pago on the Rocks’ winners announced!

Pago Competition winners

When a company launches a second competition on Zooppa, we know that the community has done something right. This is exactly what Pago has done. After a successful competition in 2007,  Pago has returned to Zooppa with a new competition: Pago on the Rocks!

The response from the Zooppa community has been outstanding, in both the number and quality of entries.

Zooppa community members, you always make us look good. And this time, the impression is worldwide, with the competition running on both the Italian and USA websites (in fact the required language for the competition was English).

Congratulations to Morositas, winner of the community prize, with the excellent ad ‘Ice Hockey.’

The BigZooppa award goes to a Tsy-mi, a Russian community member, for the refreshingly ironic ad ‘Oh baby.’

The BigZooppa Concept award goes to Simonedesign, for the concept “GuerrillaPago 2”.

Now for what you’ve been waiting for: personal competition feedback from Pago!


Dear Zooppas! Thanks to all of you for the many great contributions you uploaded! It was extremely hard for us to choose the best. Nevertheless we had to make a choice, and the winner is: “cold_pleasure” from FridaK. WHY? We believe that this ad expresses the best the new Pago summer concept: ultimate refreshment with Pago On The Rocks. It includes all important elements in a very creative way: natural fruit juice (tastes like freshly squeezed) over ice! It is set-up in a very harmonious way, giving a very tasty image!


Pago Austria choose the “Pago_on_ice2” contribution as the winner! Why? Because this ad shows a maximum of refreshment with the small ice cubs and the big iceberg including natural fruits, mellow green lemons and limes. The woman on the lonesome island gives you an understanding of Paradise. ‘Enjoy the Paradise and indulge yourself with a refreshing Pago On The Rocks.’ Perfect combination of On The Rocks concept!


We from Pago Spain have chosen the contribution, called “Pago Attraction_2” for the Pago Spain winner, simply because of originality and premium design execution. The contribution is completely adapted to the concept and briefing, and clearly transmits the idea of Pago On The Rocks in an easily understandable way.


Pago France voted for the ad: “Wanted_Pago_On_The_Rocks”. We like a lot “the far west” style of the ad and the idea of considering a Pago as a reward !!!! It is a unique and original idea, pointing out that Pago is not just a juice, but the best choice to indulge yourself. Special congratulations from Pago France.


There were so many good ads coming from Italy, that the selection was not easy. Nevertheless at the end the voting from Pago Italia was clear, and the winner is: “Freshly_married”. WHY? Because the contribution is fresh, cute, simple and smart….just like the new Pago On The Rocks concept is! The marriage between natural fruit and ice is the best and most creative expression of the new Pago On The Rocks concept, we can imagine.


We in Pago Croatia chose the ad “Tri_Gracije” because it is original, unique, funny and links Pago with high quality arts. It is pointing out, that Pago has a very long history and tradition in producing best, premium fruit juices. Furthermore it highlights the fact of Pago as the ideal refreshment for hot, sunny days in a very artistic way.


Among the contributions from Germany, the ad “Pago cool drink” was chosen because it just makes you want to grab a Pago Lemon Lime and enjoy it “On The Rocks”….The fruit images look tasty and natural, like they were made in paradise. Simply but impactful.

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  1. Congratulations to the winners! There were a lot of good ads, I bet that it was hard to choose the winners!

  2. Love the response from Pago as to why they chose the winners! Excellent! Congrats to all! :D

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