Paul loves Emma

Paris seems upside down because of Emma. We don’t know who Emma is nor we know who Paul is. Actually it seems nobody knows who Emma and Paul are, but everybody knows that Paul loves her.

Funny, isn’t it? It reminds us our Love Affairs Contest, do you remember?

In this case, Paul started on November 12th to flood Paris telling everybody that he was in love with her: on the walls along the streets, by radio messages, on You Tube, by blogs and by printed ads.

Somebody thinks it could be the new Jean Paul Gaultier campaign, but it is absolutely not certain. The only real thing is that on Paul’s blog there’s a calendar in which it’s clear that all the activity are going to dismiss on November 29th.

What do you think about this? We are lead to consider it as just a funny viral marketing, but… who can be sure that it is not just true love?

Meme E

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