Philips-Disney Winners!

Hello Zooppers,

The awards have been assigned for the Philips-Disney Bring a Child’s Imagination to Life campaign! The curious minds of these kids proved that their creativity truly knows no bounds. Congratulations to the winners!


Client-Selected Awards:

1st Place: “The Ninja Star“- by sheridano

2nd Place: “Mummy Files” – by crungle4154

3rd Place: “A Child’s Imagination” – by elliott-deneve

4th Place: “Lights and Imagination” – by fligans

5th Place: “The Wonder Odyssey” – by ultimopiano

6th Place: “The Mind of Maximus” – by atif4321

7th Place: “These Amazing Shadows” – by zoopper17858

8th Place: “The Beast” – by zoopper91697

9th Place: “A Curious Morning” – by kryptonite85

10th Place: “BB and Me In Dreamland” – by gamliah


Early Entry Award: 

Imagination” from landonson


For the official listing, click here.

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