Pillsbury Winners! (Cherrish Tomorrow)

We have the winners.

First, I’d like to congratulate everyone who participated in this contest. This has been a phenomenal, historic contest. We received a total of 84 videos, and I’d say that there are easily 15 that are ready for television right now.

So thanks to everyone who had a hand in these 84 videos, and I hope to continue to see you here on Zooppa.

Pillsbury Award – 1st Place:

petemack, Ninja Mom

Here is what Pillsbury had to say about petemack’s ad:

(Ninja Mom) accomplished the difficult challenge of communicating ease and preparation instructions in an entertaining, break through way. This ad stood out because it took a very traditional piece of material (an easy meal kids love) and made it new and fresh by portraying mom in a new light “a ninja” while still conveying the key pieces of information we need the consumer to take away: an easy meal idea that kids love.

Pillsbury Award – 2nd Place:

bisbinetts, Easy Meals for Hardworking Moms

Here is what Pillsbury had to say about bisbinett’s ad:

We loved the use of animation to convey the ease and preparation – demonstrating it in this way made it breakthrough and was highly engaging, the pay off of the little girl enjoying the Crescent Dog was a great way to complete the ad and also show the payoff for mom “kid enjoyment

Pillsbury Award – 3rd Place:

kidheroes, The Lesson

Here is what Pillsbury had to say about kidheroes’ ad:

Great job of portraying ease and communicating the prep instructions in a compelling way that highlights the emotional bond between mom and daughter and lives up to Pillsbury’s high standards

Zooppa Award:

quackfoo54, Wonder Years

quackfoo54’s ad did a great job of demonstrating how easy Crescent Meals can be – but all the videos did that. Where Wonder Years excels is in the demonstration of the joy that can come from something as simple as a crescent dog. quackfoo54 does a beautiful job of showing the results of Mom’s heroics: happy kids.

Once again, congratulations to everyone who participated. The official results will be programmed later this week. Lena will be in touch with the winners.

Cherrish results are still coming – we should have them posted in the blog tomorrow.

Jasmine Moore

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