Pixar’s Winning Formula

Pixar Studios is animated filmmaking. Their name has become synonymous with authentic storytelling, gorgeous imagery, and incredible voice acting. They almost never miss: everything is either good or amazing.

How do they do it so well?

1. Be Ruthless

The brain trust behind Pixar runs an extremely tight ship when it comes to editing. Nascent storyboards are scrutinized to the utmost degree. During this intense and humbling process, good ideas are refined and strengthened–mediocre ideas go up in flames.

By not allowing frail storyboards to make it past the editing/slash brainstorming stage Pixar saves time and money meanwhile gaining in the quality department. Pixar is all about high standards.

2. Keep it Personal

We love animation for its ability to obliterate boundaries. And yet, stepping into a boundless and alien universe can also be disconcerting.

As viewers, we need familiarity; we search for the human element. Characters or settings need to have some relatable human qualities. When these familiar markers are cleverly placed throughout the journey, the experience can be unforgettable. Good animation stays with you. If you have any doubts watch Wall-E and get back to me.

3. Chase Authenticity

Pixar insists on having its animators experience what they’re creating.

The creative team behind Finding Nemo was “offered” diving lessons. They were encouraged to think like fish. For several weeks the entire production crew became well versed in every nuance for life under the sea.

This new-found perspective paid off big. Finding Nemo delivered at the box office and was praised for its authenticity. Chalk another one up for team Pixar.

You can learn more about Pixar by watching The Pixar Story, a behind the scenes documentary about the studio.

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