Pixlr the Free Online Image Editor

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‘Sup people,

I’m continuing the tradition of writing blog posts about free and easy ways to help you make movies.

Have you ever felt like you needed Photoshop? The features on that image editing software abound. I’ve used it to create titles for movies, banner ads, buttons, funny pictures I send around the office within inappropriate email chains.

Photoshop is awesome. However at the steep price of $170.00 (even the scaled down version, Photoshop Elements is $70 bucks.) this is not an investment to be made by the zero budget amateur filmmaker.

Check out Pixlr.com. This free online software works just like Photoshop. It has layer capabilities, brush and pencil strokes, text, a dodging tool plus a bunch more stuff to help you make high quality images. I used this back in 2009 when I was working for a start up in New York. It has gained so many features now that if I have an internet connection handy, I will just use Pixlr rather than having to open up the giant of a program that is Photoshop.

This thing is pretty amazing and free. Go internet!

Hope this helps y’all,

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