PIZZA HUT® – “HUT. HUT. HUT.” Contest Winners Announced!

We are excited to announce the winners of the Pizza Hut “Hut Hut Hut” Contest. With so many great Huts it was hard to chose, but here are our top choices for the Best Creative and Best Huts. Be sure to watch the big game to see how the final commercial came together. Thanks for your creativity and of course, for all the shout outs!


1st Place: $5,000

Drywater with “I’m thinking Pizza Hut

2nd Place: $3,000

RenRobot with “Blue 42

3rd Place: $2,000

AesonVesper with “A Boy Can Dream…of Pizza

BEST HUTS: $1,000

SeanLove with “The Ding Dong Dash!

Methodloft with “Time-Out

bzbodorsmithen with “Husky Huddle

kratch with “Kratchem Style

kristine with “SnoDaze Dance HutHutHut

Nossirre with “Family Time

EatSoccer with “Footballer Huts for Superbowl 2013

sharim with “Hut Kids Loving Football

ToddMartin with “The Giving Tree

pezduro with “Hut Hut Hut Pizza Defensive

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the 10 Zooppa Honorable Mentions!

Meme E


  1. Wait, I’m confused. I thought they were giving twice as many prizes because they changed the rules two days before entries were due so that entries that didn’t show literal footballs still had a chance (as was implied in the original brief). Are they not doing that any longer?

  2. I thought I entered this contest with my video…yet, I have the feeling, since I am unable to post it to my portfolio, it was even entered. Can you assure me it is so I can at least be in the running for an “Honorable Mention?”

  3. There are still 10 honorable mentions from Zooppa yet to come, at $500 each. We should have them to announce by the end of the week!

  4. Your piece featuring the pup known as Bandit is eligible for Honorable Mentions.

  5. Pen Cai is associated to events that unites the entire community.

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