PRESS RELEASE: Hormel Foods Promotes Microwave Meal Solution through Crowdsourced Videos

Iconic Consumer-Branded Food Manufacturer Consults “the Crowd” for Creative Concepts

SEATTLE, WA March 2, 2011 – Hormel Foods, a leading producer of wholesome and great-tasting food products, has launched a user-generated advertising campaign with Zooppa.  The  “Life Better Served™” campaign is part of a broader marketing effort to raise awareness about HORMEL® COMPLEATS® Microwave Meals, a convenient meal solution that requires no refrigeration or freezing.

Hormel Foods is leveraging its creative crowdsourcing campaign to promote trial of HORMEL® COMPLEATS® Microwave Meals among “modern moms” who are seeking a nutritious and quality lunch to fit in their busy schedules.

“Life Better Served™” invites participants to submit fun, tongue-in-cheek videos that not only highlight appetite appeal of HORMEL® COMPLEATS® Microwave Meals, but also reflect its tagline: “From the Desk Drawer to Delicious in Just 90 Seconds.” On the Zooppa website, video makers are briefed to target moms 25 – 49 who are “social media mavens,” “warriors of the working world” and are interested in convenient alternatives to frozen meals.

Hormel Foods is awarding $15,000 in cash prizing to the top fifteen submissions.  A panel of judges from Hormel will select ten of the winners and the Zooppa community will vote on the remaining five.   Additionally, anyone who shares the contest with five or more contacts in their online social networks is eligible to win a $3,000 sharing sweepstakes prize.

“Nearly everyone can relate to the need for a quick and nutritious meal when they’re really busy or on the go,” explains Wil Merritt, CEO of Zooppa.  “Life Better Served™” is a great example of how creative crowdsourcing can serve as a powerful tool for marketers.  Well-known brands like Hormel Foods can provide a forum for its fans to interpret the benefits of a product like HORMEL® COMPLEATS® Microwave Meals in their own creative ways.  The result is not only a wealth of rich, engaging content, but also market insights about how a brand is perceived by everyday people.”

ABOUT ZOOPPA: Zooppa is the world’s leading source of user-generated advertising.  With a creative community of nearly 100,000 members, Zooppa has worked with global brands like Samsung, AT&T, Nike and Google and agencies like BBDO, MindShare and Razorfish to produce fresh and fun creative ads.  Beyond content, Zooppa’s innovative model offers brands and agencies a cost-effective, strategic approach to engage consumers, build online word-of-mouth and gain consumer insights.


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