Pretty NFFTY

The National Film Festival for Talented Youth, that is. This unique event takes place every spring in Seattle. If any of you Zooppers are in the Seattle area April 24-26, we recommend you check it out.

NFFTY offers an annual showcase for filmmakers age 22 and under, helping to foster young talent. Screenings include selections by young filmmakers from all over the world in categories including narrative, documentary, animations, music video and experimental. Some of these films are also distributed through Indieflix, Takepart.com and Comcast On Demand.

This year, filmmakers will be competing for two great prizes: An all expenses paid trip to L.A. to meet with agents and studio executives, and a full scholarship to attend the summer Prodigy Camp of TheFilmSchool.

Sounds pretty sweet to us. Who knows, maybe some of you younger Zooppers will have films to submit for next year’s festival.

Meme E

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