Pro-sumer Cameras and Camcorders: What to Consider



Is Bigger Better?

When it comes to cameras, bigger is usually better.  Bigger is also usually more expensive.  An advantage to having a heavier camera may depend on whether you’re shooting handheld, Steadicam, tripod, etc. –  a heavier camera might be easier to keep steady.

If you’re going to shoot a lot of handheld work, you may prefer larger camcorders that you can mount on your shoulder.  If you’re moving around a lot and shooting with a stable tripod, you may want to use a DSLR, because its less heavy and more mobile.


For camcorders, its best to go with a camera that has interchangable lens capability.  The Sony NEX-VG10 and NEX-VG20 are a couple of good examples.

For DSLRs, you may have a bit more flexibility with the range of lenses that are available to you. The catch is that you need a follow focus to smoothly zoom with any lens you use on a DSLR. Where DSLRs fail here, camcorders with electronic zoom functioning win.
Image Resolution:
When it comes to resolution, having the most megapixels isnt necessarily the best option. Depending on the camera’s sensor, and if your image will be blown up or viewed on an iPhone. To ensure the highest quality image, a better aspect to look for in your next camera is the size of the sensor that will be digitizing the image.


For More on sensor sizes and other digital specifics to consider, take a gander at Cambridge in Colour’s article on camera sensors.


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