Promote yourself with the Brooks contest badge!

Promote your entry with a custom contest badge!

You’ve made an amazing ad, why not show your fans?

Putting a contest badge on your website, blog, or social network profile (Myspace, Facebook, Vimeo…) is a great way to share your work with your friends and fellow creatives.

This tutorial will show you how you can get more views in just 7 steps:

1. Right click the above badge and choose ‘Save Link As…’

2. Upload the badge image to your own website, blog or other social network page or profile.

3. Copy this code:

<p><a href=”CONTEST ENTRY“>
<img src=”SOURCE” width=”225″ height=”154″ alt=”Vote for my ad at Zooppa”></a></p>

Replace where it says SOURCE with the name and location of the badge you have chosen.

For example, if your image is uploaded to: http://yoursite.com/images/zooppabadge.jpg

…your HTML code would look like this:

<p><a href=”CONTEST ENTRY“>

<img src=”http://yoursite.com/images/zooppabadge.jpg” width=”225″ height=”154″ alt=”Vote for my ad at Zooppa”></a></p>

4. Go to your contest entry at Zooppa and copy the URL address in the address bar.

5. Replace the CONTEST ENTRY with your own contest entry URL that you copied in step 4.

6. Your final code should look like this:

<p><a href=”http://zooppa.com/brooks/your contest entry“>

<img src=”http://yourwebsite.com/images/zooppabadge.jpg” width=”225″ height=”154″ alt=”Vote for my ad at Zooppa”></a></p>

7. If you are posting your badge on your blog, you can add your badge by putting it in the sidebar as a widget. A text or HTML widget that contains the code you just created should do the trick.

Most social networks will allow you to post custom HTML.

Now when people click on your badge they will go directly to your entry!

Good luck Zooppers!


Meme E

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