Q&A Session with eBay for “Show & Tell” Video Contest


On Wednesday, March 27th, we here at Zooppa, and our creative community, had a Q&A session with eBay to discuss their contest, and give Zooppa members extra insight in how to optimize their submissions.

Here is a summary of the meeting:

-What are the marketing objectives that eBay is trying to accomplish?

— Ebay’s aim is to help users better understand the topics we have proposed and how better to interact with eBay as a destination for high quality products.

— The goal is to highlight the value and advantages of products offered on the eBay website, and remind customers that they can find informative buying guides and reviews directly on eBay..

— Also, eBay seeks to broaden its consumer community through virality, creating situational shareable video content.

Are there any categories where you would prefer a little less humor, and more utility?

— We don’t want to limit the creative process and have left the content up to creative interpretation. We left the brief open for flexibility.

— Humor usually adds significantly to the element of virality of a submission, so if it adds to the video, please.

— It is still extremely important, however, that the informational content is foremost in the videos.

-Each topic says we can mention multiple brands and such, and the rules state we shouldn’t mention current auctions or fixed price listings – but can we mention eBay?

— Please use the eBay brand name. The type of mentions that are helpful include more of a focus on eBay value statements.

— We want users to highlight the specific selection and topic that they are focused on, not the specific brands that they are discussing, necessarily.

— Leave out brand logos, however. The exclusion of these logos allow for the content to lend itself more naturally to being ‘evergreen’ in nature.

-Can we show various food brands inside the refrigerator? Not extreme close ups, but mediums and wides when illustrating specifics to look for in terms of functionality?

— Wide shots of food in the refrigerators are perfectly fine, even if you can freeze the frame and sort of make out what the brands are.

— We do, however want to avoid shots where the brands are in focus.

-Also in regards to the Refrigerators: without showing or mentioning a brand name, can we show a specific fridge and its various features?

— That scenario is ok, but again, we just want to avoid a submission that seems to endorse one specific brand. The content should be a display of objective info that can help inform an entire topic as a whole.

— The topic should be more of what to look for when buying a refrigerator than why you should buy a specific refrigeratior.

-Does eBay want more of a review or creative piece?

— We are open to and hoping for outside-of-the-box reviews that display creativity, as long as it is informational content. Humor + information = good. Humor + no information = bad.

-What is eBay’s vision for the goals and development of these campaigns in the future?

— We are hoping that this content leads the way for producing more of the same video content but at greater scale.

— It will help us evaluate and improve our creative briefs for future categories.

-Can you explain further where and what these videos would be used for?

— Here is a link to an example page. The videos will be hosted on the eBay YouTube channel and be embedded at the top of these pages to help users know better how to use them. We expect users to find the videos both on ebay.com as well as on YouTube.

— These pages are in their early stages and are still open to improvement.

-How are you looking for a specific eBay tie-in with the Xbox reviews?

— You could do something where you explain the cool features of the Xbox and then tie it in with how there are different models that are available in the inventory of eBay.

-Can we use a photo of a product if we feel it is the best way to implement creative storytelling and passion for the product?

— We have a strong preference for use of real and actual items in the videos, so as to serve the feeling of authenticity of the videos.

— Having said this, it may be ok to use pictures if you really feel it would be best, and you can make it serve the value of authenticity.

-As far as jewelry goes, are there any products, styles or pieces that are off limits? Is the target demographic women only or can it appeal to both men and women (say a man is buying for a woman)?

— Nothing is off-limits (so long as it is within the eBay inventory), and you can be as creative as you want with the products and styles.

-Do you think there is there hesitancy for people to buy large-ticket items on the eBay website?

— It is true that some may not immediately think of buying a refrigerator on eBay, but part of this campaign is that we want to address and improve in that area.

-Who is the main eBay target market demographic? How would you describe your “perfect” customer?

— We don’t want to limit who is coming to our website; we believe it should provide universal ease to shopping.

— At the same time, our ideal target might be new customers. Those who are in the 18-25 age category, and middle – higher income.

-Can we show the eBay web page and integrate it into our product review process?

— We recommend people NOT use them. This would disrupt the element of ‘evergreen’ quality of content. Our site changes frequently, and use of the web page may look different as time goes on.

-Can I submit to ALL 10 categories?

— There are no limits on user submissions and awards. In theory, the same person could win multiple awards

-Is there any additional information that you’d like to provide for the community?

— We thought it might be helpful to provide examples of videos that we liked that fit the bill with what we are looking for, and why it catches our eye.

Just Fab has a set of videos on their Youtube channel that have exceptional style and tone called ‘Hello Gorgeous’. These videos are very informative in regards to helping people with personal fashion (i.e. how do jeans fit? How can you modify your outfit when moving from work to the night time?). In addition, these videos are 60 – 90 seconds long and… ‘evergreen’!

One King’s Lane also has examples of video content that provides information with great clarity, quality and product highlights.

Thanks to all who attended, and a big thank you  to eBay for spending time and answering the questions of our creative community! Email any other questions to support@zooppa.com, or feel free to post them in the eBay forum.


We can’t wait to see what you’ve all got in store for us. Submit your videos today!


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