Questions About Zooppa USA’s Switch From Z$ To US$

Hey Zooppers!

Here’s a little FAQ about our switch from Z$ to US$. We’ll be adding to this post as new questions arise, so check back for new info. Also, if you’ve got a question that isn’t addressed here, you can post it as a comment and we’ll answer it as quick as we can.

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What does the end of the Zoop$ mean for me?

First and foremost, it means a simpler way of getting the money you’ve won on Zooppa.com. You will no longer have to accumulate 1000 Zoop$ before you can claim your prizes. Instead, we’ll pay out your prize money as you win it.

From now on, when you win a prize on Zooppa.com, just fill out the affidavit provided and send it back to us along with the appropriate IRS document. Then, we’ll send you your money.

Does this apply to all Zooppa competitions?

No. Only competitions hosted by Zooppa USA will award prizes in U.S. dollars. Competitions hosted by Zooppa Italia and Zooppa Brasil will still award prizes on the Zoop$ system.

What if I have Zoop$ in my account that I haven’t converted yet? Will I lose that money?

No. Zooppa will be paying in U.S. dollars all money won in our U.S. competitions. You will still be able to convert Zoop$ won in Italian and Brazilian competitions according to the normal system.

How will I get paid?

Zooppa will mail you a check.

What’s this Affidavit I have to sign?

Put simply, the Affidavit reaffirms your agreement to Zooppa’s Terms & Conditions, Official Rules, and other policies. It also states that you are responsible for paying the applicable taxes on prize money you’ve won on Zooppa.com, and confirms that you are eligible to receive prize money in the first place.

What about the IRS Document?

We’ll need you to fill out either IRS Form W-9 (for U.S. residents) or Form W-8 (for Zooppers living outside the U.S.) and mail us a copy. This form is for Zooppa’s records only. If Zooppa needs any further documentation from you we will notify you by email or paper mail. Paying taxes on money won on Zooppa.com is your responsibility.

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