Ready to Fight Some Dragons? Enter the “D&D Next” Video Contest!

This is aimed at all Dungeons and Dragons lovers; past and present, new and old!

Earlier this May, the “D&D Next” public playtest began, a unique experience new to Dungeons and Dragons and involving thousands of fans throughout the world.  In order to promote this great opportunity to shape the future of Dungeons and Dragons, we’re asking you to join in the fun of this Zooppa video contest! Show your creativity in film while representing the game you love!

Your video can show the victories and defeats, your proudest moments or epic failures while participating in the D&D Next Playtest. Bring your passion and experience and let it come to life through film.

Submit your maximum 60 second original video by August 10th, 2012, and have a chance of encouraging more fans to join D&D and maybe even win the first prize of 6,000 dollars!

So get your energy and imagination rolling, find your shield, sword, and video camera and check out the D&D Next Playtest Contest on the Zooppa webpage for more information on how to enter!


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