Recipe for Ice Cubes: Crowd-sourced Funny

So, there’s a thing being passed around about a recipe for ice cubes. Already meant as a friendly joke reminder to a family that neglects to re-fill the ice trays, it has since garnered 379 pretty hilarious comments about the difficulty of the recipe or modifications that don’t quite turn out the way the commenter planned.  It’s like one of those posts on a facebook wall that someone usually ruins by saying “This is the funniest comment thread I’ve ever read.” I don’t blame them for saying that, I just wish they’d contribute to the funny instead.

When I’m on the internet, it’s always nice for me to see when, (for awhile anyway), people just keep the joke going.  No rudeness, no fights, just everybody trying to one-up each other with various degrees of success, contributing small pieces to the greater whole of something that someone will eventually waste spend an hour reading.

The internet, in its glorious everybody-have-a-go kind of way, has produced a plethora crowd-sourced funny things that take on a life of their own.  I’m not talking about memes that change an adapt across facebook or twitter or wherever, but those times when there’s one location that everybody convenes, and turns something kinda “eh” into something quite glorious. It’s a genre all it’s own: Customer Review Comedy

Have you ever waffled between buying or not buying a Mountain Three Wolf Moon Shirt?  Go to Amazon and read the 2181 hilarious reviews, and maybe that’ll help you decide.

You want a gallon of milk and can’t decide which to buy? Maybe Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz is just what you’re looking for.  Check the reviews to be sure.

Do you have any pages of similar ilk that you find super-enjoyable on a slow work day your day off?  Post them below for all to see!


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