Reebok: Pump It Up Early Entry Award Winners Announced!

Reebok Pump It Up- ZooppaZoopers, exciting new today! The Reebok: Pump It Up early entry award winners have been announced…

…Drum roll, please!



Join me in congratulating Zooppa user(s):

1. HerrGoldfish, for the No Comparison Alt submission

2. GarthPratt, for the Like Father Like Son submission

3. AaronKodzFilms, for the Pump It Up AK submission

4. CNisperos, for the How Do You Pump It Up submission

There were a lot of great early entries for this contest, so we wanted to say thank you to all who submitted!

Remember that the Reebok campaign doesn’t close until October 15, 2013 at 4 p.m., and all video entries will be eligible for $15,000 in prizes, so keep those submissions coming!

Again, great work everyone!

Colette Marien

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