Russell Wiley Is Out to Lunch for Sale on Amazon

You’ve probably seen the winning submissions for the contest to promote Richard Hine’s debut novel Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch, but – if you haven’t already – head over to Amazon to learn about the book itself.  The edgy but uplifting satire reflects on the challenges of print in the digital age by detailing the personal and professional tribulations of a media executive.

On Friday, Amazon’s KindlePost blog featured Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch, claiming that Hine’s writing “will make you laugh like an episode of The Office.”  Additionally, Booklist called it a “wry and incisive satire,” and Publishers Weekly said it “will make readers cheer.”

If you can appreciate the absurdities of corporate life or know what it’s like to work in media or advertising, Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch is worth checking out.  Order a paper or ebook copy today.

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