Samsung Announces Winners, Sharing Contest Open Through 12/31

Here we are again!

Today Samsung sent us the winners of the It’s Go Time! competition on Zooppa!

The winners of the Video, Print & Banner competition have been decided, but the $5,000 Sharing Contest runs through 12/31/2010. We will be announcing the winner on January 7, 2011.

What a week – yesterday AT&T announces winners, today Samsung…?

Once again, the Zooppa community has totally blown away Samsung. The videos, prints & banners for this competition have been absolutely top notch. The creativity and execution was phenomenal – and goes far beyond this list of winners. To see all the videos, banners & prints from this amazing competition, you can scroll through here, but if you want to see only the winning creative…..here they are.

Samsung Video Awards

Early Entry Video Award, $5,000, petemack, On the Go

petemack’s fantastic video also took the 4th Place overall prize – so jump down there to check it out.

1st Place Video, $7,500, MikeBernstein, Samsung Santa

2nd Place Video, $4,000, JNaftolin, The Chalkboard

3rd Place Video, $2,000, bariscigal, Tap on the Go

4th Place Video, $1,000, petemack, On the Go

5th Place Video, $500, danieltanfilm, Bring More To Life

6th Place Video, $400, OwenBStanley, Time Lapse Galaxy

7th Place Video, $250, leeisserow, Too Many Gadgets

8th Place Video, $250, konefes, Galaxy Tab It’s Go Time

9th Place Video, $100, jesseeckel, Death to Boredom

10th Place Video, $100, gojoecraig, An Afternoon with Friends

Samsung Print Awards

1st Place Print, $1,000, Lunaspina, Taste the Future

2nd Place Print, $500, Gomes, Good or Bad

3rd Place Print, $250, veralivia, Samung Four

4th Place Print, $100, paottanta5, Earth’s Remote Control

5th Place Print, $100, Gomes, Play

Samsung Banner Winners

Since the banners are heavy, and take a long time to load, we will be including links to the winning banners, rather than embedding them here. But go check them out!

1st Place Banner, $1,000, mggeralle, Get the Details

2nd Place Banner, $500, lchumpitaz, Galaxy Tab Banner

3rd Place Banner, $250, tozzilla, Change Point

4th Place Banner, $100, iosonomarty, All is Possible

5th Place Banner, $100, simo988, Samsung Galaxy Tab

Congratulations to all of our winners, and congratulations to everybody who contributed to this fantastic contest.

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