Samsung Early Bird Winner Announced

Zooppa is pleased to announce the Early Bird winner of Samsung’s “It’s Go Time!” competition for its hot new Galaxy Tab.

PeteMack has delivered again with his submission, “On the GO” and will receive the $5,000 Early Entry Prize.  PeteMack is now five for five with five different clients selecting his submission as among the best of the pack.

But there are still plenty of prizes to be won in this competition – this is just the Early Entry Prize!

You still have until November 19th to submit to Samsung’s “It’s Go Time!” competition.  In the end, Samsung will be awarding another $25,000 cash prizes in this competition.

All videos submitted for the early bird selection are still eligible for the grand prizes at the end of the competition.  And don’t forget – you can enter to win a $5,000 sharing prize by just sharing the contest with your friends!  See the brief for more details.

Congratulations, PeteMack!   And good luck to everyone else who has and will be submitting entries.  Have a great weekend!

Meme E

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