Samsung Video Contest Update! Stories with People Needed

This contests has been blowing up since we launched it in early May. We’ve been rolling out the improvements to the samsung.zooppa.com site from the get-go.

I’d like to point out that we have a new video brief on the main page that, yours truly, shot and directed with the help of Nick and Paul (our newest additions to the Zooppa team).

Like all our other video briefs, it gives an example of what the client would like to see and you’ll notice that it has a narrative. We’re really pushing for story related videos. It’s never likely that a client would want a straight up advertisement for their product.

This contest’s mission is to make a video, up to 60 seconds long, about how 24/7 digitally active people make their lives fuller through the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. They want the “how” to be a story. In the video brief, the “how” was to win a game show.

So put your ideas into a story format for Samsung to get excited about!

Some ideas from which you can springboard:
1. A professor and student both using the tab to get their work done.
2. A single mom organizing all the things her kids have to do in her tab and using it for dating.
3. A dorm room guru being super productive and helping other people with the tab

We need stories with people and/or animals! Here’s one of my faves:
All the Talent in the Galaxy
She doesn’t care…

Take it easy,

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