Scripped Monthly Contest

Calling all writers! Word has it that there’s a great script writing contest underway brought to you by the folks at scripped.com.

For the month of May they are holding a contest for whoever can deliver them the next best script treatment. So here are the details.

  • The story should be completely original, and feel free to use any kind of dramatic medium you’d like (Film, Theatre, TV, etc).
  • A script treatment is a detailed summary of the entire story, close to the tune of a SparkNotes summary.
  • Feel free to break it into sections like logline/concept/theme and then cover the summary of scenes.
  • If you feel like writing a basic prose style narrative then go right ahead, the format is ultimately up to you! If you need some ideas for your format, then check out this site: simplyscripts.com.
  • Treatments should be 3-10 pages in length.
  • If you are a member of Scripped PRO, then your submission is free! If not, then a small fee of $15 is required.
  • The writer with the best script treatment gets $250! And the deadline is May 31st!

There you have it, Zooppsters! Now go get to your top secret writing area where all your best ideas live!

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