“Season of Your Life” Winners Announced!

Well, Detroit Lions fans, this season was a rough one, but based on the passion you displayed in your submissions to the Season of your Life contest, you’re still going to stand by your Lions through thick and thin, and that’s pretty awesome. Thanks for all your devotion, and for all the great videos.  Here are the award winners!


Family Tradition by K2theb23, $2000

Roots by CzeckeredPast, $1000

Detroit Lions Themed RV – Roots by amandabb21, $500

Rules and Rituals

The Hot Tub Ritual by MHildebrandt, $2000

Lions Anthem by thenuke, $1000

Detroit Lions Fan Rituals by amandabb21, $500

I Gotta Be Me

The Roar Restored by JohnnyStopMo, $2000

I Gotta Be Me by MHildebrandt, $1000

Who Else Could I Be by davet, $500


Thanksgiving by Mrplosh, $2000

Brothers and Sisters Thanksgiving by detroitdecay, $1000

Matthew’s Thanksgiving by whitney2theg, $500


Get Up Get Down by Mrplosh, $2000

A Missed Kick by K2theb23, $1000

The Highest High by davet, $500

Meme E

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