Pixar Ain’t the Only One

It might seem impossible because it isn’t by Pixar. But check it out: the six-person team from Gobelins created a gorgeous, compelling, action-packed told love story in a mere two minutes and twenty-six seconds.

Charming. Comical. Flawless. These are the only words I can use to describe the featured animated film, “Oktapodi.” This 2009 Oscar-nominated short cleverly and metaphorically depicts the nonstop turmoil of star-crossed lovers… even if they’re octopi.

From the first moment when they’re plucked from their picturesque safe haven, until the last nail-biting image, I was rooting for these lovebirds to triumph. I’m beyond impressed–and we can only hope that this grad school project will someday have a sequel. (Can you say baby octopi?)

Happy Thursday!

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