Silk Video Competition Winners Announced

We’re having some technical troubles assigning awards, so we’re announcing the Silk winners here. They will be assigned properly as soon as we clear up our technical difficulties.

So, without further ado….

Client Award First Place: RYCSLK, “Mister Silk (Featuring Mizz Soy)”

Client Award Second Place: tallmidgets31 “Moove Over Dairy”

Client Award Third Place: winners, “Silk Soymilk: Not your average milk”

Client Award Fourth Place: eddiefritz, “Soybean’s Quest”

Client Award Fifth Place: Mannytoons, “It’s Better For You, It’s Better For Me”

Client Award Sixth Place: jsharona, “Silk, ‘Silkomercial'”

Client Award Seventh Place: jkromp, “Tricycle Pirates”

Client Award Eighth Place: game7, “Silk is just plain fun”

Client Award Ninth Place: lpatterson, “Silk is Swell!”

Client Award 10th Place: lnixiem, “PureAlmond Milk”

So that’s the Client awards. We’re still working on the voter awards… I hope to have those assigned by early next week.

Jasmine Moore

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