Six Blog Recommendations to Spark Creativity


Did you know that if you Google “Creative Blogs” you’ll get a bunch of blogs on random topics that have creative layouts instead of blogs about being creative? Search no more.



1. Good Morning and Goodnight

Quotes, cool photographs, videos…pretty much a mixed bag of art work to stimulate your creativity. Brought to by designer Basheer Tome, in case you were wondering.


2. Happiness Is…

Musician Shannon Eileen finds beauty in everyday items. She’ll brighten your day with awesome design finds and great posts on art, photography, cooking…anything that can make you feel inspired. Some of our favorite finds: Vintage Social Media Posters, Black Cat Auditions, Hair Sculptures.




3. Children’s Illustration and Old Book Art

Scroll through Julie Fortenberry’s blog and it becomes clear that book illustrators are the original graphic designers. And no offense to e-readers, but it’s hard to recreate the above image (from Old Book Art) on a Kindle.


4. Ads of the World

As the name suggests, advertisements from around the world across mediums. Also provides convenient translations.


5. PS: I Made This

Erica Domesek scrapbooks magazine clips and shows her readers how to recreate high fashion with a sewing needle and hot glue gun. Even if you’re not into DIY fashion, the archive of projects is pretty cool to flip through.


6. Flickr

Okay, not new news. But the ability to search anything and find a photo pool never gets old. Check out landscape, Italy, garden, rain for a an instant fix of photography awesomeness.

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