We have had a very busy day wrapping up the submission period for the Tourism Ireland contest! Numerous brilliant submissions flooded in the past few days, and even more so in the past few hours, and we are thrilled with so many great entries for both print and video. It is going to be a close call for Tourism Ireland to determine who is going to get the $8,000 first-place prize for best video submission, and who will receive the $1,000 for the first-place print submission.

We have seen an array of creativity, from a subtle twist on the traditional St. Patricks Day themes of leprechauns, shamrocks, corned beef & cabbage, and green beer, to the un-traditional sparkly green loungerie, spray painted snowmen, and lots of body paint…yes, lots of body paint. We appreciate the efforts of all contestants! We know it isn’t easy to get green paint dumped on your head via a toilet, nor is it easy to display green kiss imprints on several strangers cheeks.

If you are one of the many who have participated, make the luck of the Irish be with you! I hope you get a piece of the rather mighty $25k prize pool!

We here at Zooppa always appreciate all of the hard work that goes into your work. We seriously love you guys (in a professional way), and there would be no contest without all of the great talent we have in our community.


Meme E

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