Snapchat Spectacles 😎

Snapchat: it’s the yellow app that Instagram and Facebook keeps copying. So they decided to create something brand new: Snapchat Spectacles. Snapchat is all about staying connected in the real world; everything is in real-time. But don’t you hate it when you’re so distracted on your phone and you miss all the other cool things happening all around you? Worry not, Spectacles has got you covered.

When they first launched in 2016, there was a very limited quantity and they were also insanely hard to find. But they recently launched Snapbots, special pop-up vending machines where you could purchase a pair of spectacles. These vending machines never stays in any location for more than a day…so was it worth it?

Just yesterday, however, Snapchat began to sell Spectacles on their Spectacles website, it was now widely accessible to everyone who had access to the internet…and $130 bucks. The pair comes in three different colors: black, coral or teal. Unfortunately, there’s no way to try them on before you buy them; and it isn’t a one size fit all.

What do you think? Would you be willing to pay $130 for a pair? Let us know in the comments, and learn more about Spectacles from this article by Digital Trends.

Chantal Wong

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