Spotlight on OOTB’s Special Effects

There was a video in the Verizon Living in 4G LTE contest that I really liked. It had aliens….there were 2 that had aliens but the one I’m writing about is the one that takes a look inside the spaceship. I chatted with the filmmaker, OOTB and asked him how he created the creatures and other effects he included in his video “The Ultimate Test.” The video follows the interview.

My experience shooting this video was really fun. We did everything using a 7D and a standard lens…The DOP was Brett Soord, a very talented guy always looking for the best possible shots. We went a bit guerrilla around the town with the 7D and a small book lamp (which we used as the Alien field tester) and did every shot the same day.

For the scanning effect we used a very simple tool which works straight out of the box called Sugar FX the Hud. This is for sale on the noise industries website and I have to say I bought the whole suite from them (FXFACTORY, etc.) never had one issue. For any filmmaker out there, I’d definitely recommend this.

For the see through screens we used Adobe After Effects. Very simply, we used the footage, applied a green tint to it and changed the transfer mode to make it see through.

For the Aliens it’s kind of a funny story…I am really bad with 3D, rigging and rendering…I basically know the entry level stuff in C4D that’s all. I was however so frustrated because there is so much stuff you can do with it and it makes your work shine a bit more. So at the time I was playing with DAZ 3D (free software) and they have some preset rigs…which pretty much involve shaking your mouse and it moves the whole body. So I bought an alien for a few bucks on their website and made some basic movements. I then exported everything to cinema 4D and rendered the whole thing.

Unfortunately it didn’t look so good as the DAZ textures are not always the best out there…so I went on c4d textures to downloaded a free texture (can’t remember the name) and after hours of waiting, drinking coffee I saw the first render which looked cool. So I created different cameras and rendered the whole project and after a few days…that was the result.

I then added some post on After effect and that’s it :)

Thanks for the tips, OOTB :)

Meme E

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