Station 92: Hip New Restaurant or Fire House?

Being a firefighter is one of the most physically demanding jobs in the nation. Firefighters are required to carry heavy equipment up and down ladders, forcibly enter buildings and carry victims to safety – all while wearing 50 pounds of equipment. Needless to say, firefighters are known for their physical prowess. But what you may not know is, that firefighters are also exceptional chefs.

Fire stations nationwide are culinary hotbeds. Check out the menu at LAFD Station No. 92.

  • Carved turkey with caramelized red onion, arugula and blue cheese crumble dressed in a red-wine vinaigrette.
  • Cilantro-marinade grilled chicken with minced garlic and jalapeno cream.
  • Thai chicken whole-wheat pasta with fresh local peppers, onions, mushrooms, asparagus and balsamic drizzle.

Simply scrumptious! It’s amazing what firefighters do when they’re not fighting fires.

Zooppa is asking filmmakers to film these unsung culinary masters in a Firehouse cooks video competition. The contest closes August 8th.

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