Story-boarding your movie…on your iPhone!

I ran across a great article in the Seattle PI about a local film maker named Jonathan Houser, who created a story-boarding app for the iPhone.


How cool is that?!!!!

I think that story-boarding your film or video is the best way to improve your work. I know it’s a pain in the butt to step back and draw up a storyboard and shot list, but ultimately it is one of the main things that separates an amateur from a pro film maker.

By planning your shoot with a storyboard you:

*Don’t overshoot. (Saves time when going over footage for editing.)

*Don’t undershoot. (Saves you from pulling your hair out when you realize you don’t have all the pieces to complete your video.)

*Know what actors and props you need for each scene.

*Save time at every step of the way, from filming to the final cut.

*See plot holes ahead of time.

*Stay organized.


Now with this new app called Hitchcock, it makes it that much easier to actually become a pro by eliminating tedious pencil drawings.

Will I use it? Maybe. The $19.99 price tag seems a bit high for an iPhone app.

On the other hand, the market for such a program is relatively small compared to say the market for Super Monkey Ball, so I can see where that high price is necessary to pay for all the hard work that went into making such a full featured story-boarding program.

If you try it out, will you please leave a comment? I would love to know what YOU think.


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