Summer is here…so is the 48 Hour Film Project!

Here we go filmmakers from all across the globe, load up on Red Bull and Cliff Bars because the annual 48 Hour Film Project is just around the corner! Assemble your crack team of producers, writers, videographers, sound mixers, and actors for a roller coaster ride destined to test all facets of your creative abilities.

Sleep is optional!

The contest has already happened in a few select cities, but there’s still a huge amount of major locations from all over the world getting geared up for a weekend of guerrilla film crews rushing to get their project delivered on time. And you guys should totally get in on it!

48 Hours of Filmmaking Action

The gist of it is simple: make a movie in 48 hours. You start on Friday night, and hand in your final movie Sunday night. It’s a crazy and intense filmmaking experience.

The 48HFP is built with a few crucial rules:

  • You cannot create anything prior to Friday night. Brainstorming is OK, but no actual creation.
  • You must include a specific character, line of dialogue and prop. You’ll get that info Friday night.
  • You can’t release your final movie publicly until it has premiered with the other 48HFP movies from your city. (Usually happens within 7 days.)

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in several of these film racing competitions and I find them to be a great exercise for polishing up the old collaboration and communication skills.

A great deal comes down to making everyone happy in the shortest amount of time, which is basically impossible, but keeping ideas and opinions strictly beneficial to the project can help keep things positive and moving forward.

Pro Tip: Plan extra time for exporting/uploading your project, that step always seems to cause hiccups. There’s no escaping father time in this game.

Here’s what a group from Chicago had to say about this film competition.

It was awesome working with and meeting new people and coming together to create something. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely!”
— Chicago

Now let’s get to those prizes, there are both individual city awards and international awards. If your film gets picked for top honors in your city you get a sweet trophy to share amongst your crew, or you could think about alternating weekends. You also get a chance to go to Filmapalooza, the official 48 Film Project awards weekend. When it comes to the the International Awards prize you could end up with an even bigger trophy and $5,000!

I’ve had a gas working on these in the past and it’s not often you get a turnaround as quick as this. Team building is essential in filmmaking and this contest will help sharpen those necessary skills.

Good luck to you all!

Curious to see what the competition may look like? Then have a quick look see at last year’s winner from Portland.

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