Super Bowl 2k17…Are you ready?

Sure, you could get really excited about two teams fighting to claim the season’s NFL champion title. Or you could sit back, relax, snack and enjoy the real reason we’re here: The Super Bowl Commercials.

These crazy commercials set the standard for commercials the rest of the year and advertisers are willing to pay for it. Buying a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl costs over $5 million on average.

Excited yet? A couple of teasers were released for the upcoming commercials––that’s right, teasers. That’s how huge these commercials are. Take a look at a couple of teasers and a couple of the best Super Bowl Ads. Of all time.

Avocados – Come and get it hipsters

Kia – What are you running from Melissa McCarthy?

TurboTax – Humpty Dumpty

Skittles – How Romantic

Squarespace – Domain Names

Wix.com – Wonder Woman meets The Transporter…

Best Super Bowl Ads Ever

Volkswagen (2011)

McDonald’s (1993)

Coca-Cola (1980)

Snickers – (2010)

Old Spice (2010)

Who are we kidding, you want to see more don’t you? Here’s a compilation of the best commercials from 2016:

What is your favorite Super Bowl commercial?? Let us know in the comments!

Jasmine Moore

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