Super Bowl 2012: Who Really Watches the Game?

The Super Bowl: It’s a waiting game. Some watch it for the game; but a vast amount (including myself) tune in for the awesome new commercials. (New York Giants, who?) Instead of fast-forwarding through ad segments or simply muting the TV to drown out sometimes awful acting, people actually get excited: almost unheard of in the regular life of TV.

This year we can expect nothing less. Doritos, who for the past few years have created nothing less than original spots, have a masterpiece for their “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. I mean come on, who really thinks of using man-turned-dorito-hungry-bird?

Who would really expect sketchers to pick up on the trend of using cute pups? I didn’t….but this teaser was a pleasant surprise.

Volkswagen last year stole the show with the adorable Star Wars themed spot, extended last years theme through animal form. This year it involves a group of dogs barking an all too familiar jingle…

As Super bowl gets closer and closer, more previews are sure to be released. Check out this site for a list of other teasers.

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