Surfing for crowd funding…

"I am receiving a dizzying amount of geometrically pleasing support"

Crowd funding is a great way to get your film made, just don’t overdo it.

If there is one thing that I’ve learned about asking friends, family and concerned strangers for money, it has to be don’t over-ask.

Let them know, just don’t push your luck

Letting someone know about the project and demanding they contribute are two vastly different things, and we both know which one should be avoided.

If someone cares enough, they will donate.  All you can really do is deliver the best pitch possible, alert the people who care about you most and convey to them how important your project is for your well-being, happiness and success.

Don’t get me wrong, you are definitely going to want to promote your funding campaign, but doing it in subtle ways is the way to go.

Market with intelligence: talk to people who are interested in stuff like this.

  • Find blogs that might be interested in your project (doesn’t matter if the bloggers are pro or con, it just matters that they would get excited one way or another)
  • Talk to local folks who are interested in your subject. Fiction? Consider asking local theater groups to help promote it.  Documentary? Consider who is connected to your subject in some way and send them a note as a heads up.
  • Finally build a strong support base.  People who have the most invested in your project are the ones who will promote it the most.  This is key to your success and means that you’ll need to involve others.  Ask people to help you shoot your video, ask someone to help you promote.  The more people who feel involved, the wider your support base.

When you finally reach that goal, don’t go to Mexico just yet–the work has just begun.  Let everyone who donated know how much you appreciate their support and let them know exactly what the funds will enable you to do.  Also, keep them updated!  People like to stay informed about the progress of your project–this is an important step! (It will also make them happier to donate next time.)

And if you don’t reach your goal, reevaluate. Are you pushing too hard? Or not hard enough? Is it clear why people should care about it?

Lastly, don’t lose hope. You chose to blaze your own trail. Have a sad and then get right back up again. That film won’t make itself!



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