YouTube and the Struggle for Clean Content

YouTube has another crisis on its hands. The past year has been a firestorm of content complaints: first, racist videos from top creators like PewdiePie force video censorship for ad compliance. Not long after, brands clamored for more responsibility and transparency… Continue Reading


Thanksgiving Day 2017: An Event Guide

Turkey, Television and Travel dominate the Thanksgiving season. The American holiday has long been associated with family time and food, sparking some of the most ingenious ads of the year in preparation. While Christmas and The Super Bowl are two… Continue Reading


Facebook Sneaks Up On Snapchat…Again

When Snapchat had it’s IPO in March of this year, Evan Spiegel was hopeful about the company’s direction. Instead of worrying about the platform’s growth, he wanted to “inspire creation because [they knew] a derivative of that is growth.” The company… Continue Reading


Why NOW Is Still Relevant

Ah, the NOW series. The psychedelic, neon-hued albums whose ad campaigns dominated the commercial spaces on MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and countless other networks. They were quintessential Y2k culture, with catchy music video clips of Britney Spears, SmashMouth and Jay-Z all crammed into… Continue Reading


Choose Your Own Adventure— TV Style

Fans Increase Network Pressure The days of single-thread narratives are over—at least they might be for TV. In an age where fan demands are heard via petitions and Twitter pushes,  showrunners and networks are subject to popular whim now more… Continue Reading