Tex, The Wall and the “talking clouds”

He lived and breathed comics. We have to thank his mother, that read him Tex comics – instead of classic tales – in order to make him fall asleep. He, “Talking clouds” avid consumer, has become the creator of a lot of funny and nice characters that has settled Zooppa world too. All this is called… a little bit suspense; discover it, reading the interview!

Hi Hem, do you want to talk a bit about you? What do you do, how old are you and where do you live?
First of all I want to unveil my true name…I’m Hermes Mangialardo and I was born in Copertino, a little village in Salento, 32 years ago. Now I live both in Lecce and Foligno. Here together with a designer staff I created “Plasmedia”, that works in multimedia design: web sites, graphic design and obviously animation.

You have won a lot of stars posting overall videos. By now the community knows well your style. How have you become fond of animation?
All originated from my comics passion. I have always been a “talking clouds” avid consumer since when my mother had been showing me my father’s Tex comics for me to fall asleep… and then I saw Pink Floyd film “The Wall” with my brother: I was enraptured by Gerald Scarfe animations.

What techniques do you use often?
I prefer to use the technique I like to call “designed 3D”. I begin from a 3D animation till I obtain a similar hand drawn result thanks to plug-ins and other treatments. I have used such a technique as an example for the frog in the Citroen contest.

You have a lot of imagination to create always new characters: how do you do? How do you find the ideas to realize them?
Honestly I have no idea! I observe an object, a fruit or an animal and I imagine it caricaturized and animated. But if I have a script, all comes easier and more natural.

If you are a Zoopper you should be advertising addicted or at least follow this field for profession/curiosity. What about this world do fascinate you more?
The thing I’m more fascinated is advertising power to tell a whole story in few seconds or in a single image without anything else…

What amuses you more when you take part to a contest? Which phase do you prefer? The creation phase, the exchange phase within the community or the other works voting and comments?
There are two moments I prefer: on one side there is the birth of the idea, that comes usually like a flood river – otherwise I quit it – on the other side there is the excitement of the first comments. I follow not so much the voting and the stars competition, even if I’m happy when my works step up the ranking.

What was your favourite contest till now and for what kind of brand would you prefer to make an ad?
Uhm… Probably the RAI.tv contest – the first love is unforgettable – then I enjoyed a lot also by realizing the animations for the OXYDO contest. And I was excited for the ZOOPPA contest too. For the future I haven’t particular preferences, but for brands that could be read in a different key, through dynamic and fizzy ads… animations perhaps.

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