Thank You, Allrecipes: Firehouse Cooks Participants!

The deadline to submit has passed for the Allrecipes: Firehouse Cooks video contest, and we want to say thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. We know you had to put forth a bunch of extra effort for this competition, and we appreciate everything you’ve done for the contest. Thank you for your quality submissions!

We also want to apologize for the technical difficulties we were having during the deadline. Everything’s been resolved, and we’re glad that everyone who submitted a video has their entry displayed on the site.

Each submission made us hungry here at Zooppa, and that’s a good thing! After watching all of the videos, I could really go for an Italian meatball sandwich, or a rack of ribs, or some tacos…my stomach is telling me to stop typing and find some food. Great job, everyone, and thank you again!

Meme E

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  1. Thanks Zooppa for the chance along with All Recipes.com for being able to give back to my community. Any award Berkeley Heights Fire gets goes right to the department. My whole mission in doing this is to keep firefighters safe. And that happens with manpower and proper equipment to do the job. During the youtube video I was taking film along with my fire and police classes at our community college and it was much easier. With that I am a fire and police major.

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    Nancy Renzulli

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