The Age of Superheroes

Tingling spider-sense, regenerative healing factor, telepathy, morphing into a giant green fighting machine, who wouldn’t want to possess one or more of these super cool powers? Although I don’t see how turning into a Hulk would actually benefit you, mostly just ruin your clothes every time. In any case, we can’t help but to have these fantasies surrounding the ideals of being a superhero in some way. And when it comes to stability in Hollywood, hero movies tend to be a sure thing. But how long will this trend last?

Superheroes are your quintessential good guys and gals, their morals alone make you want to root for them. And fans want nothing more than to see their favorite comic book icon represented on the silver screen. But how much is too much? Believe me, I love Spider-Man just as much as the next 27 year-old guy, but do we honestly need a reboot of the franchise after a mere five years of sitting on the shelf? I’m still trying to digest Tobey Maguire’s hilariously awkward dance sequence from the third installment.

Our culture has found a source of entertainment that is bankable on endless levels and the demand is only getting higher. I’m convinced that due to the recent inflation of hero flicks, it’s safe to say it has spawned a new genre dedicated to Superheros only.

Adaptation vs. Originality

I would be extremely interested to see Hollywood go for more originality when it comes to superheros, so far there have been too few to even think of. One of which is the actually clever M. Night Shyamalan directed Unbreakable (2000) , starring Bruce Willis. The film doesn’t overtly say that it’s a superhero action movie, but instead uses undertones to get the point across. Unbreakable is a character driven film that relies on dialogue and developing a personal connection with the audience. Something that is often a miss with big budget hero flicks.

With The Avengers coming out May 4th, most fans will get what they pay for, a cinematic popcorn event for the ages! But I’m almost convinced that if I see this movie, I will be completely spent. I mean come on, how many characters are in this movie? Maintaining the integrity of the characters is important, and thankfully most of these heroes have movies of their own to back them up. There is just always the fear of getting lost in the spectacle. And are they seriously expecting me to pick just one of them for my Halloween costume?

Real Life Superheros – Bad idea?

Speaking of costumes, this may be one step too far, a fan film is one thing, but sporting a skin tight custom made suit in the rough part of town simply warrants trouble. I won’t lie though, it’s a good feeling to know the streets of Seattle are being patrolled by none other than the crime fighter known as Phoenix Jones. His motivation for joining the crime fighting force was backed by several botched incidents he experienced with police and bystanders in the Seattle area.

He later went on to form the crime-prevention group called the Rain City Superhero Movement which is comprised of ten very brave and perhaps mentally “off” members.

Here’s an interview with Phoenix Jones himself!

Here to Stay

Thanks to the current uprising of fictitious and actual (yikes) superheros, I’m certain they’ll continue to broaden the market and develop new and old story lines. Hopefully they can find a way to break the mold and create new formulas for underdog heroes like my boy, Spidey. I mean, I’m gonna see the new Amazing Spider-Man, let’s just give it a whole ten years before we start it up again, can we make that a rule or something?

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