The Best Wheels Ever!

This winter, I had to try and get over a mountain pass in the snow.  My wheels just weren’t up to the challenge unless I had chains on.  It was depressing until a last minute change in the mountain pass conditions.  But I wouldn’t have had to worry if I had the best wheels ever!  And here they are, in no particular order:

The Wheel Of Fortune

On the air since 1975 and hosted by Pat Sajak and Vanna White since 1982, Wheel of Fortune is an American institution.  Much like hangman, the show is all about solving word puzzles, but with the addition of a great big spinning wheel and an international audience, the pressure is on!  I recommend picking R, S,T, L, N and E. That’ll start you off right. And don’t forget to pronounce your “G”s!

Hamster Wheels

Not only is it awesome to watch a cute little hamster run around on a stationary wheel, the image of it is the perfect symbol to use when you want to show somebody getting nowhere fast. “Yeah, but they’re not the best because they are squeaky wheels,” you say. “Not always!” say I.

The Wheel Of Time

A series of 14 books by Robert Jordan, and finished off by Brandon Sanderson, the last of which will be published early next year.  The series has sold over 44 million copies worldwide and totalling 11,004 pages so far, this series is quite the undertaking, but very rewarding if you’re into well built fantasy worlds with countless characters.  I have a friend who went back through around book eight and read them all again! That’s dedication.

The Wheels on the Bus

Lets let the GiggleBellies show why these wheels are the best.

The Superpages Mobile App Wheel 

I was looking at the Superpages app, featured in our awesome video contest, and thought, “Gee, that’s a handy wheel that you get to use to find what you’re looking for!” It’s cool, you just flick it with your thumb or finger till you find the category you’re looking for and voila! Results! This app is handy as heck, and the wheel makes it delightful to use.  Make a video where you show how useful it is in our contest.  Click here to find out how!

Meme E

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