The Economist’s Seventh Annual Marketing Forum

The Economist magazine is wrapping up their Seventh Annual Marketing Forum in San Francisco today. The theme for this year’s forum was “Managing For The Present, Preparing For The Future”, and it sounds like there were a lot of interesting speakers.

The website for the event features a Q&A session with Russ Meyer, the Chief Strategy Officer at Landor Associates and Mark Chmiel, the Executive Vice-president and Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer for Denny’s. It’s a good read, and we suggest you check it out.

For us, the most exciting bit of the Q&A is Mark Chmiel’s response to a question about whether, in the Internet age, marketers still control their brands. Toward the end of his reply, Chmiel says, “…an opportunity exists to navigate with the consumer in controlling the brand—or in attaining the brand’s objectives.  Said differently, the consumer can actually help us control our brand–and achieve our objectives etc.”

This goes to the heart of what Zooppa’s all about: Brands and consumers collaborating to build great ad campaigns.

We found out about The Economist’s Marketing Forum on AdPulp, one of our favorite blogs. Check out their post here.

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