The End of the World, Many Times Over

Not long ago, Zooppa ran a contest to see how our community thought the world would end. In the end, (of the contest, not the world) we got 75 different takes on what might happen. Now, along comes this supercut by YouTuber Zach Prewitt who gives us the apocolypse from a plethora of hollywood features. Can you name the movies as the world ends in each clip?

WARNING: If you don’t like seeing the world end, don’t watch this video.(It gave me a nightmare or two.)

Now that you seen the supercut, check out the winner of our very own contest. It’s The End by RenRobot. My nightmares are different and more mind-bending after this one.

Meme E

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  1. People will be those who will destroy this earth, end of the world began in a while … What will be the end, do not matter, he will come anyway!
    Good job with these videos, keep up the good work, congratulations!

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