The History of Mattresses: We’ve Come a Long Way!

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Our ongoing eBay video contest focuses on ten intriguing categories of merchandise. Today, our spotlight focuses on the most tantalizing of all of them: mattresses!

In all probability, most people don’t spend much time thinking about their mattress. But, in reality, a quality night’s sleep—which is central to a healthy and productive lifestyle—rests heavily upon the bed you use. No pun intended.

The mattresses we use today have come a long way from what they originally started out as. In fact, for your viewing pleasures, we have compiled a riveting account of the history of mattresses, gathered from about.com.

1600s- A mattress was pretty much just a cheap cloth sack, to be perfectly honest. It sat on a wooden frame, and usually contained straw. Sounds cozy.

1700s- The sack became structured, adopting a more rectangle-shaped appearance. The filling was upgraded to cotton and wool.

1890s- Frames were beginning to be furnished from iron and steel. Think old-school hospital cots.

1920s- For a steep price, mattresses could now be given springs and made from rubber.

Source: answers.com/topic/mattress

1930s–2013- Over the last several decades, mattresses have steadily improved, bringing us now to an all-time peak of comfort. Cushioning and optimizing back support, for example, are valuable features of the modern-day selection. There are a plethora of options available to fulfill any and all personal preferences, such as waterbeds, memory foam, and air-filled alternatives.

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